A little bit about us if you really want to know? Geraint and Rob are both wildlife fanatics, vegan and totally committed to preserving and improving the welfare of 'all' animals. Their workshops are built on ethical wildlife photography and wildlife always comes first. No live baiting, flash or paid for hides are used and they believe that experiencing nature is as important as the photography. Both have come together to offer workshops, tours and talks that wildlife lovers will enjoy and be comfortable with.
Geraint is vegan, an Olympus Mentor, an insects best friend, saviour of chickens, has 3 dogs and a Lizard called Maynard. Brought up in the Welsh valleys his days were often spent exploring the hills and countryside with his brother, finding spiders, slow worms and lizards (not Maynard!). Originally a commercial photographer at events, weddings and portraits but in 2016 decided to follow his calling and began photographing wildlife and nature. Highly commended in the 2016 and 2017 Outdoor Photographer of the year competition for the small world award and appears in both published books. His images have been in the BBC calendar and is a contributor for Wex. Besides being a nature photographer he is a macro specialist who likes nothing better than spending time rolling on the floor with a weevil!
Rob is an image maker, veganist, an olympus Mentor, lover of all things furry, feathery and scaley, has a dog with a long wheel base (part terrier/part dachshund) and 2 ‘rescue’ gerbils called Eric and Ernie. He loves nothing better than lying silently in something he shouldn’t whilst waiting patiently for the shot that doesn’t happen. “The beauty of wildlife never fails to lose its sense of wonder; it engages and inspires and I desperately try to do it justice.” He was honoured to contribute to the coffee table Charity Book ‘Remembering Rhinos’ where all proceeds go to the preservation, protection and welfare of Rhino. You may have seen him in Amateur Photographer, Digital Photographer, Canon Photo Plus and Outdoor Photographer, then again you may not have!
© Geraint Radford and Rob Cottle - Copying, displaying or redistribution of these images without written permission is prohibited