Schools Cool! - Theory - New Date Shortly

Classroom location - Full day (maximum 10) We have had this requested extremely frequently but up until now didn’t have a decent venue to run one. Thankfully that has been rectified after partnering up with the University of Wales @ Carmarthen, SA31 3EP and we now have their awesome facilities available including a comfortable classroom, projector and computers. This is not just for those starting out but also for those who need reaffirming what they know and another way of looking for those who do know. We will teach in our own inimitable way that each factor you change on your camera effects another function and it’s that interaction that once learnt frees you up to use your camera in the right way for every situation. Some of the topics and skills we look at: Theory • The exposure triangle - aperture, shutter speed and ISO; how they combine (Also expand on the alternative exposure square). • Single focus, continuous focus and focus tracking - what are they and when to use them. • Depth of field - How it’s caused, when to use and it’s relation to aperture. • Focus points - when to use which setting. • Light - types of light and using it. • Jpegs and RAW - what is RAW and do I need to use it. • Composition - guidelines to be taken in to account. • Further feedback and support is given via email and on the Natureship Community page (access if you have attended any workshop) . Please note - travel and any expenses incurred are at your cost except the tea/coffee.
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