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Geraint   and   Rob   are   both   wildlife   fanatics,   vegan   and   totally   committed   to   preserving   and   improving   the   welfare   of   'all'   animals.   Their workshops   are   built   on   ethical   wildlife   photography   and   wildlife   always   comes   first.   No   live   baiting,   flash   or   paid   for   hides   are   used   and they   believe   that   experiencing   nature   is   as   important   as   the   photography.   Both   have   come   together   to   offer   workshops,   tours   and   talks that wildlife lovers will be comfortable with. They are also Olympus Mentors 

Geraint and Rob are happy to

to give talks and run private

small group workshops for

camera clubs, enthusiasts or

for a bunch of friends etc.  

At a venue to suit we can give a talk or run a small group workshop to allow a friendly and informative photography education without pressure or snobbery. Just contact us in one of the myriad of ways.

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Back    to    the    classroom    for    a    small group workshop on theory This   workshop   has   been   requested   often and   we   have   finally   been   able   to   find   a venue     to     make     this     happen     after partnering   up   with   the   University   of   Wales @   Carmarthen.      As   usual   we   will   keep   this workshop     small     to     allow     everybody chance   to   participate   and   to   keep   it   from feeling     like     a     classroom     (ironically!). Anyone   who   has   been   with   us   on   other workshops   will   know   we   keep   it   fun   and light but give maximum value. 

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Don’t   miss   out   on   these   knowledgeable tracts   full   of   information,   hints,   tips   and even recipes! Latest: Geraint   Olympus, macro and me Rob   Competitions,       mistakes       to avoid and just my take things.  
2019 Skomer Island workshop   4th and 18th July 2019 (Includes WT fee and boat transfer) Small group workshop (Maximum 6): We will only run 2 workshops here in 2019 and as these are extremely popular and will fill up fast please get your name down by contacting us. To give full value to your experience we have decided to only cater for 6 at each workshop. Come with us for the day to the magical Skomer Island in West Wales to shoot Puffin, other Auks, Owls et al. 5 hours on the island with particular focus on Puffins. You won't believe how close you can get to these wonderful birds. Full on feathery fun! MORE INFO Dinefwr Castle - Fallow Deer Rut workshop, Carmarthen  1st October 2019 Small group workshop (Maximum 4): This is a chance to get up close and personal with the Fallow Deer at Dinefwr. Meet at 12 to run through the ideas of the day and stay until sun down around 7pm. This is a very small workshop so that we can approach these Deer without disturbing them and improve our chances of a successful session. This is a very good general workshop that will teach you a lot about wildlife photography and can be used on all subjects especially during the rutting season as places like Margam Park and the London Parks at this time of year